Amd Athlon Xp 2800 Cpu Barton Core Socket A 462 Pin 2. 083 Ghz 333 Fsb 512 L2 Kb

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Athlon Xp 2800 Cpu Barton Core Socket


Model: 2800+
UPS: 810884009330
Package Quantity: 1

Shopping for a brand new AMD cpu? The Athlon Xp 2800 Cpu by Amd is a nice product! I believe you will love that the item includes this feature, typical/maximum power dissipation (w): 53. 7 / 68. 3. Additional features include socket: an and bus speed (mhz): 333. There are plenty of brands which make processors, with the labels providing various price tags plus craftsmanship. Check many different brandnames unless you have one specially that you desire. When you are selecting a cpu, consider a manufacturer's warranty. These feature a normal warranty, be it 1 month or an whole 12 months. To find the best offer for this product in addition to other AMD computer processors, click on our store button below.


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