Amd ATHLON-64 X2 Dual-core 4200+ Processor Socket 939 ( ADA4200BVBOX )

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ATHLON64 X2 Dualcore 4200 Processor


Model: ADA4200BVBOX
UPS: 730143024204
Package Quantity: 1

One of the characteristics for this item is the 14. 4 gbps total delivered processor-to-system bandwidth. Other features include things like large high-performance on-chip cache and 2000 mhz system bus. It weighs just about 1.1 lbs. To learn more about this cpu, check out the button.

The AMD Athlon-64X2 Dual-Core processor puts the power of dual-core technology on the desktop. Offers help for each high-performance 32-bit and 64-bit computing Provides full-speed support for x86 code base Hyper Transport technology helps improve overall system performance by reducing traditional system bottlenecks, increasing system I/O bandwidth, and reducing I/O latency Cool'n'Quiet technology effectively lowers the energy consumption and provides a quieter-running system Enhanced Virus Protection acts as a preventative measure against prospective viruses Dual-core processors include 2 processing cores on one chip performing calculations on two streams of data, increasing efficiency and speed while operating many programs. This indicates a important boost in response and efficiency when operating several applications simultaneously. The AMD Athlon-64 X2 Dual-Core processor outperforms the highest-performing AMD Athlon-64 4000+ single-core processor on multi-tasking benchmarks by up to 30%.


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