Amd A10-6700 Richland 4. 2GHZ Socket FM2 65W Quad-core Desktop Processor Amd Radeon Hd AD6700OKHLBOX

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A106700 Richland 4 2GHZ Socket FM2


Model: AD6700OKHLBOX
UPS: 730143303330
Package Quantity: 1

The feature attributes are socket fm2, dual graphics support, radeon hd8670d gpu and 65w. It's 4.96"H x 12.4"L x 7.09"W and it weighs about 0.44 lbs. AD6700OKHLBOX is the product number for this excellent AMD cpu. Online deals for A10-6700 Richland 4. 2GHZ Socket FM2. To get the same low price I ran across, visit our partners via the link.

AMD's third generation APU supplies another impressive step forward in technologies. The Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) boasts 42% of it's genetic make up as GPU based, utilizing the Radeon HD8xxx series, making this the industry's fastest APU. That makes it possible for AMD to deliver balanced architectures for future heterogeneous computing while winning at today's gaming, compute, imaging, and video workloads. Nowhere else is the best performance for mainstream computing be found for such an incredible value!


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